NOTE: If this download does not work for you please revert back to the old one at the bottom of this page.

You will receive your key and download link in your emails after you purchased.

Once you have downloaded, unzip the file and install the "Installer.exe" once done then click on "ez_vpn.exe" and insert the file into a folder on your desktop and run it as admin.

Note: If the zipped file will not download you will need to click "trust" and keep file.

The file will ask for your key, please insert your key from your emails we have sent you (check your junk/spam also).

Simply choose a country and select either Bot Lobby or Full VPN.

To check bot lobby works, go into your settings on your call of duty menu, head down to network and you should see your country is set to a different location.

Please note: selecting a country does not mean you will be joining a lobby in that country, it just means the SBMM (skill based match making) gets confused and puts you into easier lobbies. Sometimes it may not always put you into an ez lobby, you will just have to retry the next game. 90% of the time you do get into ezlobbies.

What does the 'Reset' button do?

ONLY select that if you are switching from full vpn to bot lobby. (if you hover over the Reset button it tells you this too).


If you get a message saying "Error connecting to VPN" then download this and drag it to the same folder where you have the VPN installed:


Note: For bot lobbies, please load our tool first before you run Warzone.

If the current loader doesn't work for you please revert back to our old one here: